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Course Overview
How to use the Business Process Framework for an agile digital business.
This course provides advance guidance for implementing the Business Process Framework within your organization, particularly as part of a business process transformation project. Its purpose is to provide you with advanced skills to enable you to use the Business Process Framework to maximize business efficiency and customer experience and propel your enterprise towards becoming a thriving agile digital business.
During the 2-day interactive workshop you will get comprehensive practical instruction on using, implementing and extending the Business Process Framework, with a particular focus on process decomposition, simplification and rationalization, which are essential for an agile digital business.
Our expert instructor will guide you through examples, explain the key principles, give you the chance to work together in teams on carefully structured exercises and then explore suggested answers to the exercises.

A course attendance certificate is issued on satisfactory completion of the course. There is a knowledge certification exam also associated with the course material. Passing this exam counts toward career certification with TM Forum. Find out more here.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
This course is suitable for anyone who:
• Wishes to extend their understanding and/or start implementing the framework
• Is or will be involved in a business process transformation project
• Needs to streamline processes
• Wants to reduce the cost of operations
Course Objectives
Service Providers:
• To provide practical, hands-on instruction for using and implementing the Business Process Framework to enable transformation and agility of your business.
• To develop the ability of your team to identify day-to-day improvements in business operations.
• To enable you to reap the benefits of the transition to network virtualization.

• To assist you with deploying your products into an enterprise whose process model is based on the Business Process Framework.
• To understand how your customers process models are evolving so your products can keep pace.

SIs and Professional Services:
• To assist you with the integration and deployment of products into an enterprise whose process model is based on the Business Process     Framework.
• To provide practical, hands-on instruction on implementing the Business Process Framework for your clients.
• To develop the ability to identify gaps and potential improvements in client business operations.
Course Prerequisites
Frameworx Overview is recommended; Business Process Framework (eTOM) Fundamentals is required
Expected Accomplishments
What will you learn?
• How to implement the best practices and have a solid approach to implementing the framework
• When and how it can be used
• An essential new approach to processes which is vital for enabling an agile business. This includes learning practical methods for decomposing complex process into reusable process elements and reassembling the component parts into process flows guided by policy and dependency rules.
Course Outline
Module 1 Testing Your Business Process Framework Knowledge
Module 2 Implementing the Business Process Framework
Module 3 Extending/Confirming a Business Process Framework Implementation
Module 4 Simplifying Processes
Module 5 Agile process: Fail Fast, Fail Often
Module 6 Using Process Automation Tools