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Course Overview
Expand your Frameworx foundation: Learn a common, business-led approach to rationalize the processes that run your business.

We all know that making the best use of all the assets you have is a best practice for any business.
TM Forum’s Business Process Framework Fundamentals course gives you a deep dive on one of the most well-known and widely-adopted standards in our industry to do just that!

You’ll learn how to reduce risk, cost and time-to-market by establishing repeatable process flows that are created from standardized process elements – eliminating double work and positively affecting your bottom line.

Go home with clear direction on how TM Forum’s Business Process Framework can be used to support a range of business objectives -- accurate scoping of projects, knowledge sharing, activity-based management, problem solving, and many more.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
This course is suitable for:
• Business managers, enterprise solution architects, process practitioners and quality managers
• Solution architects working for enterprise application providers or integrators
• Anyone interested in ensuring that a service provider business operates as efficiently as possible
• Anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the relationship between the goals of the business and the supporting IT infrastructure
Course Objectives
Service Providers:
• Equip you to use the Framework to improve business efficiency
• Enable you to collect and re-use the knowledge that exists in your business
• Provide a solid foundation for scoping projects, planning the future and assessing the impact of change
• Create a common understanding of the tasks involved in running your business and a common language to describe them
• Allow you to interact with your suppliers and partners using standard terminology

• Give you an understanding of how your product can better fit your customers’ business process requirements.
• Show how change projects can be better planned and executed through a deeper understanding of service provider processes
• Allow you to interact with your customers and partners using standard terminology
Course Prerequisites
Frameworx Overview is recommended
Course Outline
Module 1 Why is the Business Process Framework important?
Module 2 What can the Business Process Framework do for me?
Module 3 Where do I start?
Module 4 Conformance
Module 5 The Business Process Framework and ITIL (optional)