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Course Overview

The Essentials course is aimed at giving you all the skills you need to design eye catching graphics for print or the web. In this course, you will learn to quickly manipulate and create Acrobat PDF documents, create mocks and dashboards for prototyping, create logos, brochures, create infographics or even a creative fashion design. This course introduces you to the newest techniques and tools used in Adobe Illustrator 2017. 

Course Schedule
Target Audience
Graphic Designers, Web Designers
Course Prerequisites
Strong working knowledge of Mac or Windows
Course Outline
 Explore the interface and workspaces
• Distinguish between vector and raster graphics
• Set up Artboards and control document settings
• Learn to use the basic shape tools
• Combine shapes with the Shape Builder tool
• Set up custom colors and gradients to use as Swatches   
• Draw custom precise artwork with the Pen Tool
• Format text for headlines and paragraphs
• Export artwork into various formats for print or screen usage