Courses Details
Course Overview
To provide participants with an overview of Simple Network Management Protocol and Network Management, including MIB, principle architecture and building blocks
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Professionals interested in understanding Network Management and SNMP concept 
Course Prerequisites
Background in Data communication and/or Computer Networking.
Expected Accomplishments
On completion of course, participants will be able to:

Explore the SNMP objectives 
Define Network Management concept and its architecture.
Review Management Information Base. 
Define Polling and Traps
Define SNMP Building Blocks.
Course Outline
Introduction to Network Management
Network Management Standards
Network Management Architecture
N.M Functional Requirements

Introduction to SNMP
Network Management and Monitoring
SNMP Versions
SNMP Components
SNMP Reference Model

Structure of Management Information
Abstract Syntax Notation 
Basic encoding Rules
MIB Object definition

The SNMP Protocol
SNMP Messages
How the protocol works

Management Information Base
The MIB Sub-Tree

SNMP Compatible Hardware
SNMP Compatibility
Upgrading the Hardware

Network Management Software
SNMP Agents
NMS Suites
Element Managers

Configuration Management
Fault Management
Performance Management
SNMP Recent Development
Web based Network Management
Java API