Courses Details
Course Overview
Introducing the key concepts of TM Forum Open APIs and how they enable business agility and interoperability
TM Forum’s suite of Open APIs was developed collaboratively to dramatically improve business and IT agility and interoperability. They unlock a range of growth opportunities for communications services providers (CSP) and their ecosystem partners and suppliers by enable partnering, driving innovation by enabling the exposure and monetization of new products and services, while reducing the complexity and cost of operations and reducing the time to market.

This course introduces TM Forum’s Open APIs to explain the key concepts and provide real-life examples to show why they are unique, how they are structured and how they relate to TM Forum Frameworx so that you can begin deploying them in your business.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
API Designers, Enterprise Architects, API Developers, SOA Architects
Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts
Course Objectives
Service Providers and Ecosystem Partners:
Understand how to use TM Forum Open APIs across your ecosystems to achieve agility, interoperability, and the consistent deployment of new products and services.

Respond to and meet the needs of service providers
Understand why your products and services should align with and conform to the standardized Open API requirements of service providers and ecosystem partners.
Course Prerequisites
Information Framework (SID) Fundamentals required
Expected Accomplishments
What will you learn?
  • Understand TM Forum’s Open APIs and the related technologies like REST
  •  Learn how the TM Forum’s Open APIs are structured and how to access them in the API Portal,
  •  Learn about the available APIs in the Portal and some ways they can be used. Get a view to new APIs in development.
  •  Understand the design patterns of the REST APIs and how all TM Forum’s Open APIs are based on these patterns
  •  Understand how the TM Forum Open APIs REST Resource Model is related to the TM Forum Information Framework
  •  Understand tooling and TM Forum Open API Conformance
Course Outline
Module 1: TM Forum Open API Introduction
  • Common Definitions: APIs, REST, Micro Services
  • What are TM Forum Open APIs, where to find them and how they are used
  • TM Forum Open API Ecosystem
  • API Governance and Crowdsourcing
  • TM Forum Open API Manifesto
Module 2: TM Forum Open API Structure
  • TM Forum Open API MAP
  • Relationships with other TM Forum Frameworks (Information, Business Process and Application)
  • Overview of existing TM Forum Open APIs
Module 3: TM Forum Open API Design Patterns
  • What is an API design pattern?
  • TM Forum Open API design patterns overview
Module 4: TM Forum Open APIs REST Resource Models and the TM Forum Information Framework
  • What is a resource model?
  • TM Forum Open API Data Model
  • Information Framework to API Data Model mapping patterns
Module 5: Tooling, Sandbox and Self-certification
  • Swagger Open API specifications
  • Testing the APIs: POSTMAN
  • API Reference Implementations
  • What is API self-certification?
  • API self-certification guidelines and profiles
  • Certification Test Kits (CTKs)