Courses Details
Course Overview
• This course provides a high-level review of the TL 9000:2016 (R6) Quality Management System Requirements Handbook and (R5.5)         Measurements Handbook.
• The program is structured to bridge the gap between ISO 9001 and TL 9000 by summarizing the intent of each additional requirement    and its impact on telecommunications service provision.
• This course is intended for individuals performing audits to TL 9000 Quality Management System Requirements (Release 6.0) &    Measurement (Release 5.5).
• This course is for Auditors to achieve and maintain their certified auditor status for TL 9000 Release 6.0 Requirements and Release 5.5    Measurements.
• This is a three (3) day course. The course consists of multiple modules with a quiz at the end of each module.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
This course is a prerequisite for
• Top Management;
• Senior Leaders;
• Mid-management;
• Project Implemetation team
Course Objectives
1. An overview of TL 9000 including benefits to performance and customer satisfaction;
2. A summary of each additional TL 9000 requirement including the intent and its impact on telecommunications service provision;
3. Explain the relationship between TL 9000 and ISO 9001;
4. Gain an understanding of the TL 9000 requirements and measurements;
5. Apply audit requirements for TL 9000 that are in line with the QuEST Forum’s intent