Courses Details
Course Overview
Structured cabling systems (SCS) are the first link in the chain of modern business communications and without them most businesses would not be able to function. This 5 day intensive training program is intended to be a comprehensive introductory level course, aimed at introducing engineers and technicians from similar fields to the theoretical and practical knowledge required to understand, and install a basic Level-1 (physical layer) structured cabling system.  

This is an ideal program for engineers or technicians intending to expand their knowledge from traditional core telecommunications into in-building communication solutions.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Engineers / Technicians involved in implementation and maintenance activities associated with structured cabling networks.
Course Prerequisites
Basic understanding of modern communications networks and typical customer premise equipment installation activities.
Expected Accomplishments
Knowledge of the components of a Structured Cabling System
Knowledge of the Standards and Codes related to the SCS
Knowledge of the different cabling media and their transmission principles
Understanding of the Horizontal and Backbone Cable Distribution Systems
Design Principles and knowledge of Installation practices
Practical work, including the assembly, setup and testing of a basic structured cabling system
Course Outline
Introduction to Structured Cabling Systems (SCS)
Standards and Codes
Transmission Principles of a Metallic Media
SCS Media 
Horizontal Distribution
Backbone Distribution
Structured Cabling Design
Installation and Testing