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Course Overview

Structured cabling is an integral part of modern in-building communication solutions.  This course introduces the basic concepts of structured cabling systems and concentrates on the basic design requirements of both horizontal and backbone cabling systems using both copper and fiber solutions.  The program will discuss both individual building and campus distribution networks, along with simple guidelines to quickly establish the maximum design capacity of any building, in relation to the number of work stations possible.

Course Schedule
Target Audience
Anyone from either a telecommunications or an electrical background
Course Prerequisites
Telecom or electrical background.
Expected Accomplishments
Ability to describe the basic architecture of a structured cabling system.
Understand the cabling media requirements for both voice and data links in backbone and horizontal distribution systems.
Ability to describe the basic implementation requirements of a structured cabling system.
Ability to design a simple structured cabling network.
Course Outline
Introduction to structured cabling.
Backbone and horizontal distribution systems.
Choice of cabling media for voice and data.
Planning for redundancy and future proofing. 
Practical design of both campus and local distribution systems.