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Course Overview
Voice and Data Cabling Networks are crucial to modern enterprise businesses and it is a fact that many businesses would be unable to function without them.  Structured cabling systems are the common pathways that allow voice and data to flow seamlessly between users within both WANs and LANs.  

This course provides entry level information, for technicians or engineers, in the basic architecture of a structured cabling system.  It describes the different types of cabling media available, their uses and evolution from simple voice system cabling to modern high speed data networks.  Participants will be introduced to the international standards and codes used throughout these systems and will gain an understanding of implementation practices and tooling.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Personnel from either a telecommunications or an electrical background.
Course Prerequisites
Telecom or electrical background.
Expected Accomplishments
Ability to describe the evolution of structured cabling from the original multi-platform technologies to the modern multi-service single platform solution.
Ability to describe the basic architecture of a physical layer 1 structured cabling system.
Understand the functions of the different sub-systems that make up a structured cabling system.
Know the physical differences between the different types of cabling media and their uses.
Understanding of the standards and codes associated with structured cabling systems
Appreciate the different pathways and containment systems that are typically used to protect and distribute the cabling media.
To have an appreciation of installation procedures and practices.
Course Outline
Introduction to structured cabling
Standards and codes
Horizontal cabling distribution
Backbone cabling distribution
Cabling Media CAT 5 – Cat7
Optical fibre cables
Pathway systems
Installation procedures and practices