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Course Overview
Services are provided from the core network to the customers through access network.  Operators throughout the world are upgrading their access networks to provide broadband services to residential and business customers by deploying optical fiber deeper in the access to overcome the limitations of the copper-based access network.  FTTH is a form of fiber optic access network architecture in which the optical fiber reaches the end user's living or office space.  This radical transformation in access network is made possible by Gigabit capable Passive Optical Network (GPON) technology due to its superior support for a wide range of architectures and applications.  This course will provide the participants with the knowledge and understanding of the principles & concepts of GPON Technology for implementation of FTTH Networks
Course Schedule
Target Audience

Engineering personnel involved in development,operation, maintenance, planning and implementation of FTTH Networks based on GPON Technology

Course Prerequisites

Basic knowledge and understanding of the concepts and principles of optical fiber communication and IP networks

Expected Accomplishments
Understand the concepts of PON and standardisation of GPON
Define the terminology, benefits, components and architecture of GPON
Understand Outside Plant (OSP), Inside Plant (ISP) and Optical Power Budget for GPON
Understand GPON communications methodology
Course Outline


 What is PON?

 Types of PON

 Standardisation of GPON

 Advantages of GPON

 GPON architecture

 Optical Line Terminal (OLT)

 Optical Network Terminal (ONT)

 Optical Distribution Network (ODN)

 GPON communications methodology

 Optical power budget, reach and split ratio

 TDM Broadcast/TDMA

 GPON Encapsulation Method (GEM)

 GEM Ports and Transmit Container


 Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA)

 GPON Evolution

 10 G – GPON

 Reach extension

 Enhancement band