Courses Details
Course Overview
Grouping processes and their associated information into recognizable applications.

This course guides the participant through the concepts and principles, structure and uses of the Application Framework.
The course explores the relationship with other TM Forum Frameworx and how it is being developed and provides practical experience of the use of the framework that can be applied in day to day work.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
• Technical Staff
• Process Analysts
• Business Analysts
• Business Architects
• Anyone involved in system selection
• Software vendors wishing to understand how SPs would use the framework
• Service Providers wishing to better understand and rationalize their support systems
Course Objectives
  • The aim of this course is to provide a detailed description of the Applications Framework (TAM), how it relates to other Frameworx products and how it may be used in practice by service providers and suppliers alike.
  • Participants will learn how and why the Applications Framework (TAM) has come into being, will gain a detailed understanding of the content of the framework, and will see several different uses for the framework, including some real-life examples of how the framework is being used in industry.
Course Prerequisites

Frameworx Overview is recommended; Business Process Framework (eTOM) Fundamentals is recommended; Information Framework (SID) Fundamentals is recommended

Expected Accomplishments
What will you learn?
• The structure and uses of the Application Framework
• How the framework can be extended and developed to meet the particular requirements of the user
• How the Framework is being developed - the functional model and the development of metrics
• Some practical experience in using the framework
• Examples of how others have used the framework
Course Outline
Unit 1 Introduction and Frameworx Review
Unit 2 Introduction to the Application Framework
Unit 3 Structure of the Application Framework
Unit 4 On-going development of the Application Framework
Unit 5 The relationship to other Frameworx components
Unit 6 The relationship to other TM Forum work
Unit 7 Using the Application Framework
Unit 8 Extending the Application Framework
Unit 9 Review & Wrap -up