Courses Details
Course Overview

The role of the professional executive secretary, PA or administrator is changing rapidly; demands, responsibilities and knowledge required have increased.  As the demand to cover all of these areas escalates, it becomes more and more essential to update oneself in the emerging fields of expertise.  The supportive role one plays for (sometimes) numerous managers and personnel is vital for keeping the department running smoothly and communicating the organization’s image to its external clients.  This course will train participants to be proactive and efficient and to project a professional image for the organization, which will create lasting, excellent first impressions. 

Course Schedule
Target Audience
Secretaries, receptionists, administrative support personnel and management assistants
Course Prerequisites
Good command of the English language
Expected Accomplishments
  • Be aware of the organizational structure of the company 
  • Understand the attributes of efficient secretaries, PAs & administrative  personnel
  • Present oneself well 
  • Effectively practice good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Plan and prioritize tasks  
  • Implement diary management
  • Practice telephone skills for a business environment
  • Initiate good customer service 
  • Have a working knowledge of office functions and systems
  • Organize self and others
  • Learn to be assertive
Course Outline
Personal appearance and behaviour
Healthy habits
Office wear
Voice projection
Office etiquette
Taking an initiative
Tact & diplomacy
Efficiency & accuracy

Interpersonal and people management skills 
Communicating verbally and non-verbally
Coordinating with the team
Barriers to communication
Body language, voice and non-verbal communication
Active listening skills
Interpersonal skills with your manager and colleagues
Communicating on the telephone

Customer service
Understanding service excellence
Seeing how others see you
Reception and visitors
Handling appointments 
Displaying a service culture
Customer expectations
Following up

Time Management and diarizing
Organizing your time
Procrastination and what to do about it
Using a time management system for your department
Desk organization
How to diarize effectively
Planning and prioritizing

Office Duties 
How to implement systems
Effective filing methods and record keeping
Office documentation
Writing for the boss 
Responding to queries
Managing correspondence
Scheduling appointments
Meeting and event planning
Booking travel arrangements
Handling unusual requests