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Target Audience
This course is designed for sales professionals, business developers, and professionals required to sell as a part of their role. The course is also useful for people wanting to improve their consultative selling skills and long-term customer relationships when selling business-to-business (B2B) services or high value consumer goods and services.


The program is designed for managers and staff, from a broad spectrum of industries, involved in sales. It explains the fundamentals of B2B selling (business-to-business selling) . It provides a clear understanding about market essentials. 

The program develops participants skills, techniques, and confidence to sell clients needs and develop long term relationships.

Throughout the program, participants learn how to follow a sales process to guide their conversations and sales meetings, they will also be introduced to B2B marketing process and structure.

Course Objectives
The program focuses on the following objectives:

1. Understanding key principles and concepts for successful B2B selling.
2. Mapping out and targeting suitable B2B customers.
3. Identifying and understanding B2B buying and decision-making processes and criteria.
4. Skillfully answering B2B business questions and handling objections.

Course Outline
Day One:

- What Marketing is and How to apply it?
   • How B2B marketing and selling differs from consumer selling and marketing.
   • From product and sales-focused to market-focused.
   • Key principles that underpin B2B marketing.
   • Tips for successful B2B marketing.
   • Building relationships to win preference.
   • Getting buy-in from coworkers.

Day Two:

- Developing a process and a plan to succeed in the market. 
   • Aligning marketing, business strategy and the brand.
   • The marketing process and structure.
   • Understanding the market, customers, and competitors.
   • Identifying the real customer needs.
   • Identifying and prioritizing the key success factors.
   • Constructing the B2B marketing plan.

- Establishing marketing goals and how to achieve them.
   • Clarifying marketing objectives.
   • Developing a clear B2B marketing strategy.
   • Prioritising people to target and the purpose.
   • Constructing an integrated B2B marketing mix.
   • Integrating the mix to deliver superior value.
   • Getting others to contribute and support it.

Day Three

- How to innovate and manage products?
   • Applying the product life-cycle concept.
   • Managing the B2B product portfolio.
   • New product development and screening.
   • Creating superior B2B value-propositions.
   • Proving value and overcoming competitors’ prices.
   • Using price and defining pricing strategy.
   • Understanding cost-plus, break-even and contribution pricing.

- Using marketing communications, distributors, and service in the marketing mix.
   • Necessary support on applying marketing communications.
   • Combining communications tools and messages effectively.
   • Marketing to, and through, distributors.
   • How to offer service and charge for it.
   • Integrating the sales function with marketing.
   • Measuring marketing outcomes and applying control.
   • Creating and justifying the marketing budget.