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Course Overview

In these days of an increasingly changing market full of challenges, one must have a creative determined team to handle prospective and existing clients maintaining that competitive edge.   Fulfilling customers’ needs is the pathway to success at selling and the first step to that is the ‘humanistic approach’ or making that first impression a positive one that sticks while building rapport along the way.  Customer relationships are grown from the first seed sprouting to the picking of the fruit – each step must be watered and minded carefully.  Take on some new tools from the toolbox of selling today and invest in oneself or the team.

Course Schedule
Target Audience
All sales personnel
Course Prerequisites
Good communication skills
Expected Accomplishments
  • Know how to build up credibility with prospects & clients
  • Elicit sales prospects’ needs, wants and motivation 
  • Enhance questioning and active listening skills 
  • Become skilled at using body language and non-verbal communication to the advantage 
  • Overcome objections and excuses and get to the YES 
  • Get point across without  waffling 
  • Make an enduring positive first impression 
  • Build effortless rapport with prospects 
  • Practice effective after-sales techniques
Course Outline
  • The changing world of sales management 
  • Planning for today and tomorrow’s challenges 
  • Crafting the professional sales force 
  • Strengthening the sales team - Tapping into the talent within the team 
  • Preparing an effective sales pitch for all types of clients 
  • Developing a consultative sales approach instilled with trust
  • Crafting those sales skills: verbal and non-verbal language, questioning techniques, active listening, etc    
  • Showing passion and ownership for what others are expected to buy
  • Assuming a YES: maintaining a positive attitude
  • Planning the work and ensuring the plan works! 
  • Compensation programs that drive superior performance 
  • Lead: measuring and managing performance
  • Coaching and counseling the team
  • Checklist for success