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Course Overview
Practical guidance in applying, extending and using the Information Framework
The Information Framework Modeler’s Workshop offers theory and practice on the use of the Information Framework, including how to extend and implement it by applying modeling patterns and extension guidelines. For example, learn how to add support for new offerings to the market without changing the model or learn how to add your own extensions to the model.
Walk through examples of how TM Forum members are putting the Information Framework to use in their organizations, and learn practical guidelines to transform the information model to the data model.
Through instructor-facilitated exercises in which attendees practice newly gained skills, this workshop enables attendees to effectively put the Information Framework to use within their own organizations.
A course attendance certificate is issued on satisfactory completion of the course. There is a knowledge certification exam also associated with the course material. Passing this exam counts toward career certification with TM Forum. Find out more here
Course Schedule
Target Audience
• Anyone who has attended the Information Framework Fundamentals course and who wishes to have a greater understanding of the modeling techniques identified in that course.
• Anyone wishing to develop their knowledge of how the Information Framework can be implemented, developed and used, day to day.
Course Prerequisites
Frameworx Overview is recommended
Information Framework (SID) Fundamentals is required.
Who should
Expected Accomplishments
What will you learn?
• How the Information Framework can be introduced into an enterprise
• The Information Framework modelling patterns and how they can be used
• How to employ the guidelines when extending/implementing the Information Framework
• Transform the Information Framework information model to the Information Framework data model
• Identify opportunities for using the Information Framework
• Quantitatively justify the use of the Information Framework
Course Outline
Case studies of practical uses of the Information Framework throughout the workshop.
Instructor facilitated exercises.
Module 1: Quick Information Framework review
Module 2: Adopting the Information Framework
Module 3: Information Framework modelling patterns and their application
Module 4: Extending the Information Framework
Module 5: Implementing the Information Framework
Module 6: Framework “Golden Nuggets”
Module 7: Using the Framework