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Course Overview
Build your Frameworx foundation: Learn to implement a common information model covering every aspect of your business.
Speaking the same language, understanding the meaning of the words used and having access to information is of vital importance to the success of any business. A common information model provides the definitions that you need to bring your common language to life in your business.
TM Forum’s Information Framework Fundamentals training course helps you get started and then reach implementation stage quickly by taking the guess work out of creating a common information model. We’ll show you how to take the thousands of words and concepts related to managing a business and create a common and simple way to define and communicate them, all based on the TM Forum Information Framework which is widely used by thousands of service providers and suppliers around the world.
Learn to avoid common misunderstandings by using a standardized format to identify and define entities, their attributes and their relationships with each other, saving you hundreds of hours of project work.
With this class you will also add a new skill to your professional resume while helping your company systematically improve the way it does business.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
• Software designers
• Systems integrators
• Data modelers
• Solutions Architects
• Anyone creating or responding to an RFx
• Anyone involved in managing or developing a support architecture
Course Objectives
To acquire knowledge to model any aspect of corporate information and produce software solutions that are easier to develop and integrate, easier to sell; designed for flexibility.
To better understand the role of information/data in providing the overall solution, highlighting:
• The importance of consistent terminology in streamlining and accelerating projects.
• The ability to more easily bring offerings to market due to flexibility built into solutions that are based on common information models.
• The ability to source the right solutions to satisfy the information requirements that enable you to run your business more effectively
Course Prerequisites
Frameworx Overview is recommended
Business Process Framework (eTOM) Fundamentals is recommended
Note: This course is suitable for a non-technical audience. However, being familiar with Unified Modelling language (UML) is suggested
Course Outline
Course syllabus:
Module 1 – Introducing the Information Framework
Module 2 – Information Framework Structure
Module 3 – Information Framework Modeling Patterns
Module 4 – Extending the Information Framework
Module 5 – Conformance to the Framework