Courses Details
Course Overview
Data Modeling for Qlik Sense is a technical course for you to learn to develop a coherent data model in Qlik Sense by loading and transforming multiple data sources.  With information, tools, techniques, and exercises, this course includes topics dealing with: data connections, cleansing and transforming source data, resolving data model issues, optimization for performance, using QlikView Data Files (QVD) files, application development on Qlik Sense server.

The course objectives for this course closely align with the QlikView?  Developer course. You do not need to take this course if you have already taken the QlikView Developer course
Course Schedule
Target Audience
• Data Architects
• Partners
• Consultants
Course Prerequisites
 Creating Visualizations with Qlik Sense (advantageous)
 Database and SQL query knowledge
Expected Accomplishments
Skills Learned
• Create a data model in Qlik Sense
• Use the data load editor and the data manager
• Create and maintain data connections, including DataMarket
• Resolve data structure issues and script errors
• Transform data for better performance
• Discuss synthetic keys and circular references
• Add dimensions and measures to the master library
• Add simple visualizations with Qlik Sense
Course Outline
• Basic data modeling concepts
• Data connections
• Structuring the script
• Loading Data and Data transformations
• Resolving data issues
• Generating data with the script
• Debugging a data load
• Scripting and data model challenges
• Advanced Calculations
• On-Demand App Generation (ODAG) and Direct discovery
• Performance Considerations
• Working with server
• Security