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Course Overview
Why Attend
PR professionals should be prepared to use their skills to present a positive image of their company at all times. They must be prepared to respond quickly to any crisis that may arise. By putting the right effort into building a solid reputation during good times your business will be able to withstand the negative press if a crisis were to arise. Participants on this course will understand their role as PR professionals, acquire verbal and written communication techniques, and get the ability to evaluate crisis situations and to deal with the media while promoting the organization's reputation.

Course Methodology
The 3 day workshop is designed to be interactive and participatory, including various pedagogical tools to enable the participants to function effectively and efficiently. The course will be built on four pedagogical pillars: Presentations and facilitation by the trainer, group exercises, roundtable discussions, video clips case studies and debriefing.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
PR professionals 
Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Analyze and assess the latest Public Relations (PR) concepts and strategies in a variety of contexts
  • Appraise certain PR techniques and approaches appropriately in order to link them to the working environment
  • Demonstrate key PR skills relating to verbal and written communication, as well as editorial, layout and production techniques
  • Apply the main media skills in PR
  • Effectively present and deliver oral messages in public
  • Use their PR skills as promotional tools
Course Prerequisites
Fundamental knowledge on PR
Expected Accomplishments
After this course you will be able to:
  • Understand the structure and landscape of the PR profession
  • Explain and articulate all of the specialised disciplines of PR
  • Apply essential PR concepts to everyday work
  • Develop messages, positioning and proof points
  • Map and prioritise stakeholder groups for your organisation
  • Choose the right PR tool for the job
  • Apply creative PR platforms to generate practical results
Course Outline
The global PR landscape and profession
This module is a colorful induction into the modern public relations industry: a sweeping view of the big picture, giving context to best practice.
History and evolution of the communications industry
Structure of the contemporary global PR landscape
Strategic communications: how PR serves hard business goals
PR job roles and career structures: in-house PR, agency PR
The communications mix: PR, branding, communications, advertising

Essential PR concepts and disciplines
This module defines and explores the principles that underlie all effective PR, and its many specialist practice areas.
The advisory role of communication and PR in shaping business strategy and decision making
Universal PR principles: reputation management and influence in action
Specialist PR disciplines (e.g. media relations, event management, crisis, internal, public affairs, financial PR).
Online engagement: the mainstream role of the Web in modern PR

Practical PR tools and tactics
This module opens up the complete toolbox of the modern PR profession and shows how effective organizations apply diverse tactics for practical results.
Stakeholder mapping: identifying and prioritizing the target groups
Media segmentation: target groups through the most influential channels
Message development and proof points
Right tool for the job: when to use which PR tactic for optimum effect
Media relations and media engagement
Online PR and communications
Direct  and non-media PR tactics
Written PR

Creative PR platforms
This module reviews an array of creative and unusual approaches that can generate the most effective and memorable PR campaigns.
Creative PR and communications platforms
Role and importance of creativity in PR
Sources and success factors for creativity
Creativity showcase: lessons from the world’s most creative PR campaigns
Facilitating creativity: 10 practical techniques to unlock creativity