Courses Details
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Target Audience
 • Data analysts
 • Business Intelligence professionals
 • Professionals who use Power BI
 • Professionals who manage data for decision-making
 • IT Managers
 • Data Scientists
 • Anybody who wants to understand Microsoft Power BI


Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI training is one of the popular courses for today’s professionals who want to gain a proper understanding of knowledge and skills to analyze business data with Power BI to create custom visualization in dashboards and reports.

It is ideal for Business Intelligence professionals who want to maximize the value of their data assets by using Microsoft Power BI.
Course Objectives
The program focuses on the following objectives:

   •  Describing key features of self-service BI.
   •  Describing Power BI and its various products.
   •  Connecting multiple data sources to optimize data models.
   •  Describing Power BI Data visualization.
   •  Describing the Power BI developer API.
   •  Describing the Power BI Mobile application.
   •  Combining and shaping data from different sources.
   • Creating reports and managing solutions on Power BI.

Course Outline
Day One
  • Identify and retrieve data from data sources and understand the different connection methods.
  • Optimize query performance.
  • Profile and examine the data and apply data shape transformations.

Day Two

  • Design and create reports and dashboards.
  • Select and add appropriate visualizations.
  • Perform Advanced Analytics.