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Course Overview
In the competitive modern world, having good Marketing & Selling Intelligence can mean the difference between success and failure. Researching the markets you sell in gives you an understanding of the buying and selling patterns you are dealing with, and helps you to develop your brand in line with current consumer behavior. Good business decisions need to be based on good information.  No data; no strategy.

This training program gives a practical understanding of the key potential strategies and tactics to be used on a short- and long-term basis to face the challenges of competition, to meet customer requirements and to maximize revenues over the next years, for current and future services. 

Course Schedule
Target Audience
Team leaders, supervisors and managers of sales and marketing
Course Prerequisites
Knowledge of product and services
Expected Accomplishments
  • Understanding of new telecommunications environment and its impacts on the business of operators
  • Equip personnel responsible for sales and marketing with appropriate guidelines and techniques to develop customer-driven strategic and marketing plans 
  • Provide the tools and operational methods to develop a customer-driven organization, to implement more profitable service offerings and to determine efficient pricing, routing and settlement procedures for various telecommunications services 
  • Give an overview of the key management tools to set team and individual business objectives.
Course Outline
The marketing plan 
Environmental assessment 
Market analysis 
Product positioning (4Ps) 
Forecast, budget and objectives 
Action plans 
New service introduction and marketing tools 
Business unit 
Information gathering 
Product concept development 
Business Case 
Project outline & task management 
Product plan 
Customer Training 
Product Launch & Monitoring 

Sales and Account Management techniques 
Customer relationship management 
Selling in the fast moving environment 

Customer Care 
Creating a customer care culture 
Focus on creating value 
Customizing services to customers 
Going the extra mile