Courses Details
Course Overview

This course will draw on the principles and effective practices of successful marketing to help further develop talent and ability in the field.  It is designed to cover a range of practical skills used by marketing experts.  Participants will be introduced to proven marketing tools and key principles of marketing.  Participants will also take with them the essential skills in effective planning and strategy implementation of strategies, both critical for those intending to be ‘super’ marketers.

Course Schedule
Target Audience
Sales leaders, sales, marketing and purchasing personnel
Course Prerequisites
A basic understanding of business rules
Expected Accomplishments
Increase effectiveness in networking and developing indirect leads and referrals.
Learn proven methods for developing leads and referrals
Improve understanding and skills of practical personal marketing technique proactively
Ability of creating sales proposals
Developing formulas for planning and evaluating media
How to use industry recognized research tools 
Course Outline
Recognize meaning of the term “marketing.”
Discover how to use low-cost publicity to get your name known.
Know how to develop a marketing plan and a marketing campaign.
Use your time rather than your money to market your company effectively.
Develop a budget for your marketing activities, based on the amount of dollars you have available, and stick to your budget.
Identify strategies for finding and keeping customers.
Implementing marketing programs