Courses Details
Course Overview

In this course, participants will develop a critical appreciation of the basic concepts and techniques of marketing management and strategy with an emphasis on creating customer value and building customer relationships.  The course develops concepts and skills necessary for marketing decision-making and illustrates how various decision-making tools apply to actual business situations.  The aim is to develop a disciplined process for addressing marketing issues and problems in a variety of settings, and to give participants the tools and background necessary to handle marketing problems.  Through the use of a marketing plan project, participants are encouraged to apply the concepts and generalizations to a real life product or service.  It also provides the opportunity to learn business report writing and researching skills.

Course Schedule
Target Audience
Marketing and Sales personnel
Course Prerequisites
A basic understanding of business fundamentals
Expected Accomplishments
  • Explain the process of strategic planning in an organization and marketing’s role in the planning 
  • Analyze factors that affect a company‘s marketing strategy including both internal and external environmental factors 
  • Describe how a company manages its product/service mix to build brand equity 
  • Discuss the value of integrated marketing communications (IMC) and how IMC strategy is applied 
  • Create a marketing plan for a new product within a real company using information gained from secondary research and applying the concepts of marketing strategy and team process 
Course Outline
  • Marketing concept and process 
  • Creating value for customers 
  • Mission statement & corporate strategic planning 
  • Marketing strategy / planning
  • Internal and external environmental forces affecting marketing decisions 
  • SWOT analysis
  • Developing customer profiles 
  • Submit project product for approval & team contract
  • Market segmentation
  • Selecting target markets
  • Product life cycle 
  • Characteristics of marketing services
  • Price strategy and methods for setting prices 
  • Operating statement basics 
  • Costs and breakeven 
  • Selecting channel strategy
  • Planning the IMC campaign 
  • Setting communication objectives, strategy and budget and communications mix (tactics)