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Target Audience
Managers, supervisors, administrators, support staff, customer service staff – and anyone within an organization, who is showing symptoms of stress they may be unable, or struggling, to deal with.

It would also be a useful course for anyone who believes stress could be an imminent, or potential, problem in their new work situation, either for themselves, or their staff. 


Over recent years, everyday pressure has become commonplace in the working world and emotional stress has become accepted as part of building a career. The global coronavirus pandemic has, however, taken stress to an unprecedented level. The “new normal” remote working conditions have generated a range of additional challenges: isolation, difficulties in communication and balancing work and home environments.

How individuals respond to crisis times and different working conditions can depend on support from family, friends and colleagues, their particular financial situation and critically health and emotional state.

This program is an introduction to a range of tools as a powerful force to consciously opt to respond with clarity rather than react in situations of perceived stress and to tap into emotional resources to reframe perceptions, expectations and adapt to the “new normal” of the COVID era. Attending this course could help to prevent serious future health and morale problems.

Course Objectives
The program focuses on the following objectives:

- Understand the “Stress Effect” for organisational performance, individual success and personal wellbeing.
- Identify own Stress Position (levels of stress, stress factors and influencers).
- Appreciate Frameworks for Stress Management.
  • Understanding emotions & stress triggers. 
  • Identifying patterns and cycles.
  • Evaluating Options.
  • Applying the Optimism Model in challenging and uncertain situations.
  • Understanding motivators and de-motivators.
  • Reframing and adapting to changing circumstances & requirements.
- Create own Change Management Framework to tackle challenges within the pandemic and beyond.

Course Outline
Day 1: 

- The 20th Century VUCA World.

- The COVID Effect:  “The New Normal”. 
   • For Organizations & Teams.
   • For Individuals. 
   • “Adjustment Disorder”. 

- The Stress Effect. 
   • On Performance & Success. 
   • On Wellbeing. 

 - Self- Awareness.
   • Where am I on the “stress scale”?
   • What is my appetite for change? 
   • What is the biggest challenge in adjustment? 

Day 2:

 - Model for Resilience in Changing Circumstances. 
   • The Change Map. 
   • The Golden Rules. 
   • Pause to regain control. 
   • Emotional Awareness. 
   • Recognizing patterns and trigger points for resistance. 
   • Reframing thoughts & Generating options. 
   • Exercising Optimism. 
   • Understanding Motivators and De-motivators. 
   • Building Trust for Sustainability. 

 - Personal Action Plans.