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Course Overview

Good leadership is the bedrock of organizational effectiveness and performance, but is sometimes one of the most difficult competencies to develop and understand.  There are numerous approaches to leadership, however, many remain impractical for day to day implementation.  Action Centered Leadership offers a practical approach to a full understanding of leadership.  This approach is known and used globally and is considered as a fundamental benchmark in leadership performance.  This course is accredited by Professor John Adair, (Chair of Strategic Leadership – United Nations) whose latest book, ‘The Leadership of Muhammad’ is now a best seller 

Course Schedule
Target Audience
Managers and team leaders from all disciplines.
Course Prerequisites
Good communication skills
Expected Accomplishments
  • Have a clear understanding of the generic role of a leader and where this fits within the responsibilities.
  • Be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to apply this approach within the organisation immediately, to drive performance forward.
  • Have a firm platform from which to develop and enhance leadership capabilities for the future.
  • Develop the leadership style to best effect to maximise the output of teams. 
  • Understand integrated approach to leadership and management and be able to apply the skills in a practical way to enhance performance.
  • Develop leadership skills to ensure personal development of leadership techniques for future career path.
Course Outline
  • The myths of leadership
  • Where leadership fits as a component of management skills
  • The different model approaches to leadership and their relevance to performance
  • The functional approach (ACL) and its relevance to performance
  • Team dynamics within the framework of ACL
  • Role of the leader
  • Functions of the leader
  • Practical application of ACL in various challenging situations
  • Experience of ACL from the perspective of the leader, team member and observer through group leadership exercises
  • The leader as a motivator 
  • Motivational theory and application