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Course Overview
Emotional Intelligence is the ability or self-perceived ability to identify, assess and monitor the emotions of oneself, of others and of groups.  This course aims to sharpen a leader’s emotional competencies and discover their inner world while attending to the needs of those they lead. 
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Team leaders, supervisors and managers
Course Prerequisites
Good communication skills
Expected Accomplishments
  • Identify personal EI strengths and areas to enhance
  • Practice techniques for self-awareness and self management  
  • Apply techniques of self motivation for improving leadership effectiveness
  • Enhance self-motivation to achieve targets more realistically 
  • Build social competence to lead change in the team’s well-being and the company
  • Develop team mentoring and leadership proficiencies 
Course Outline
The concept and importance of Emotional Intelligence
Impact of EI on business drivers
EI Models and competence framework
Leadership effectiveness and EI main domains
Finding out where you are in the EI framework
Deciding what to change  for the better
Targeting needed EQ competencies 
Applying appropriate techniques to grow EQ  
Resetting beliefs of unpleasant events that  hold us back 
Foundations of Personal Competence and their impact on leadership effectiveness: 
Self Awareness 
Self Management 
Self Motivation  

Foundations of EI Social Competence and their impact on social competence of leaders role in driving change, delegating and conducting coaching:
Social Skills