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Course Overview

The success of corporate leaders, outstanding entrepreneurs and outstanding individuals is not defined by IQ or job skills, but by “Emotional Intelligence”: a set of competencies that distinguishes how people manage feelings, interact and communicate. Unlike IQ, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) continues to develop with life experiences. Understanding and raising your Emotional Intelligence is essential to your success and leadership potential. EQ is the indicator of excellence on virtually any job.  This training aims to provide you with the latest leadership competencies so that you can significantly enhance your leadership skills. This training will also focus on inspiring and empowering the individual to handle a wide range of leadership situations.

Course Schedule
Target Audience

This program is designed for:

•  Managers, supervisors, and team leaders who are interested in enhancing their self-awareness and interaction with others.

•  All individuals who want to be able to motivate, inspire, and understand their team members.

•  All individuals who work in customer focused roles and wish to enhance professional relationships.

•  All individuals who want to be able to successfully control and manage their emotions.

•  All individuals looking to gain a better understanding of the deeper undercurrents of human behavior.

Course Objectives
The program focuses on the following objectives:

1. Understand the elements of Emotional Intelligence.
2. Increase understanding of different aspects of human behavior.
3. Understand own emotions and how to manage emotional reactions to achieve the desired results.
4. Learn about, and understand, the term ‘Amygdala Hijack’ (in the brain) and consider appropriate responses to it.
5. Learn how to increase ability to become more self-motivated.
6. Become aware of how to demonstrate empathy.
7. Be able to communicate with, and motivate others, based on understanding their emotions.
8. Gain awareness of how to empower others and inspire high performance in the workplace.

Course Outline
Day One

- What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)?

- Understanding yourself and emotional intelligence.
   • Your feelings and emotions.
   • Emotions diary.

- Why do we need emotional intelligence?
   • Emotional intelligence in the workplace.
   • Emotional intelligence and career success.
   • The benefits of emotional intelligence.
- Dimensions of emotional intelligence.
   • Self-awareness.
   • Self-management.
   • Self-motivation.

Day Two:

- Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence (continued).
   • Social awareness (empathy).
   • Relationship management

- Emotional intelligence – self-evaluation (questionnaire).

- Emotional intelligence and leadership.
  • Who am i as a manager? (internal and external dimensions).
  • Goal setting – planning and achieving personal ambitions.

- Future learning: developing your emotional intelligence within the workplace.

- Your contract for ‘personal change’.

- Emotional competence framework.

- Putting the learning into practice.