Courses Details
Course Overview

This course provides an insight into creative thinking processes to deal with routine and unexpected problems leading to creative solutions.  Very often the causes of problems are not what we think they are, and hence need to be identified in a proper manner.  When the cause is identified, it calls for proper and effective decisions which need to be made using the right tools.

Course Schedule
Target Audience
Professionals from all sectors who seek to improve in the areas of creativity problem solving and decision making
Course Prerequisites
Good command of English
Previous exposure to management training at a supervisory level
Expected Accomplishments
  • Eliminate creativity blocks at the work place by developing a healthy and creative work environment 
  • Identify work problems and solve them in collaboration with a team
  • Practice new management techniques such as mind maps
  • Develop staff skills and abilities by giving them equal opportunities to participate in problem solving and decision making, and motivating them to meet work goals based on SMART/MASTER objectives
Course Outline
Creativity concept
Creativity blocks
Creativity block busters
Role of creative thinking in problem solving and decision making
What is a problem?
Problem recognition
Problem analysis 
Optional solutions
Decision making