Courses Details
Course Overview
The two topics of time management and stress management are often addressed together because they are so closely interrelated.  Work can be very stressful at times and management studies have suggested that some roles at work have a wide mix of activities most of which cannot always be controlled or even predicted.   This course will help you to reduce time wasted by using time planning techniques effectively and will show you how stress can be relieved.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Professionals from all sectors who seek to improve their time management and stress handling skills.
Course Prerequisites
Good command of English
Previous exposure to management training at a supervisory level
Expected Accomplishments
Draw up plans to eliminate time wasters
Improve the planning process based on the use of SMART techniques
Apply the proper techniques of handling work interruptions
Practice proper techniques of overcoming stress in the short and long term
Improve communication channels with others in order to organize your time, solve problems and eliminate negative stress
Course Outline
Time as one of the invaluable resources
Time wasters
Time interrupters
‘Smart’ planning techniques
Planning and goal setting
Delegating for time saving and to relieve stress
Memory aids for time management
Mind over matter
Mind mapping for problem solving
The concept of stress
Stress symptoms and signals
Causes of stress
Improving the communication channels
Stress management strategies for the short and long term
Managing conflict
Dealing with and resolving unavoidable stress and time wasters
Staying positive in the faceoff