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Course Overview

Coaching employees is the key to influencing, motivating and recognizing people and employees who will contribute and cooperate with their leaders.  This change in management style and type of interaction with people can have a great influence on productivity, excellence, quality, and competitive spirit.  Coaching is extremely valuable and has long-term implications for the future of any organization.

Team members, at times, may experience problems of an emotional nature due to increased workloads or other work based issues.  The skills required to help and support them collectively is called ‘counseling skills’, which are universally recognized as both desirable and necessary requirements for all modern supervisors and managers.

Course Schedule
Target Audience
Professionals from all sectors
Course Prerequisites
Good communication skills
Expected Accomplishments
  • Remove barriers and boundaries, build personal and team morale and foster a partnership
  • Lead and coach the team to facilitate effective communication from all levels of an organization
  • Build a successful organization based on the strengths and relationships of every member
  • Counsel team members effectively
Course Outline
  • Coaching Employees
    • Removing barriers and boundaries
    • Building rapport with team members
    • Building personal and team morale and fostering a partnership
    • Leading and coaching the team to facilitate effective communication
    • The role of a leader in a coaching environment
    • Encouraging employees to express their points of view on problems
    • Importance of shared commitment and vision to create and guide one's effort instead of bureaucratic processes, power, and authority
    • Building the strengths and relationships of every member

 Counseling Employees

    • Use of problem solving techniques
    • Art of asking questions
    • Active listening skills
    • Establishing expectation and using motivation techniques
    • Dangers of quick solutions
    • Use of Employees Assistance Programs