Courses Details
Course Overview
To gain a thorough understanding of KPIs as a concept and a management tool.
To be able to define relevant KPIs within participants’ areas of accountability 
Course Schedule
Target Audience
All managers and supervisors
Course Objectives

Expected Accomplishments
Ability to prepare and use KPIs       
Course Outline

•       KPIs as a tool for:

•       Strategy building

•       Strategy monitoring

•       Diagnosing performance

•       Performance management / review

•       Performance

•       Benchmarking

•       Process improvement

•       BSC as an integrated KPIs system

•       Strategy maps

•       KPIs for the 4 perspectives

•       Objectives

•       Strategic initiatives

•       Case study:

•       Business model & KSFs

•       Defining KPIs

•       Interpreting KPIs

•       KPIs workshop

•       Drafting KPIs for your area of accountability

•       Open Discussion:

•       Implementation issues