Courses Details
Course Overview

Unlike before, the number of younger and fresher employees (straight from universities) entering in to our workforce is increasing.  Most of them lack proper understanding of the organisation’s culture and its dynamics.  They require practical skills that can accelerate desired performance. 

This skills development programme has been designed to assist employees who are just entered in to a career and those who are looking for a career progression.  This programme will help you to start right and to be effective in your work place.  This is a highly recommended programme to accelerate your career growth and organisational effectiveness.

Course Schedule
Target Audience
  • New recruits and anybody who wants to develop the above skills
Course Prerequisites
Completed pre-coaching form
Expected Accomplishments
  • Understanding career and how to achieve career growth
  • Developing required qualities to be successful in career
  • Developing a personal continuous development plan for success
  • Importance of EI at workplace
  • Understanding the organisational culture and behaviour for better result
  • Manage self for personal effectiveness
Course Outline

Understanding Career

  • What is a career and how to chose the right career
  • Career Vs Job
  • The Career Anchor

Preparing Yourself

  • Developing the right attitude
  • Setting your career goals
  • Preparing a development plan
  • Importance of the right CV
  • Creating a personal style
  • How to bring people to your side

Understanding Organisation

  • Understanding organizational behaviour & Culture
  • Understanding the vision of the organization & contribute effectively
  • Understating policies and procedures

Personal Effectiveness

  • How to ensure your success from day one
  • Emotional Intelligence in work place
  • Body language
  • Managing 360�
  • Performance management and mentoring
  • Marketing yourself for career advancement
  • Interpersonal relationship and communication Skills
  • Team behaviour