Courses Details
Course Overview
Managing individuals with significant performance issues is a key skill - one that benefits the performer, the team and the organization.  Too often, managers either over-react or fail to take appropriate action early enough.  This course identifies the key causes and types of poor performance within a team.  It gives managers the knowledge, behavioural skills and, above all, confidence to manage poor performance effectively.  They are also encouraged to think how their own management style can help foster and motivate high performance within their teams.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Managers and team leaders from all disciplines.
Course Prerequisites
Good communication skills
Expected Accomplishments
  • Gain skills and techniques to deal with the performance issues of others with confidence and credibility
  • Understand performance management techniques and develop one’s own performance management skills
  • Develop confidence in one’s ability to maximise the performance of the team and others in a variety of situations
Course Outline
  • What does successful performance look like?
  • Key responsibilities of a performance professional.
  • Performance management defined – formal and informal
  • Key people skills required to deliver performance excellance
  • Leadership and performance
  • Performance reviews in practice – the right way and the wrong way
  • The performance interview – handling performance issues
  • Diagnosing the hidden symptoms of underperformance – treating the cause.
  • The role of caoching in the performance development cycle
  • The two way feedback process and communication
  • Mantaining relationships yet still manageing performance effectively.
  • Handing difficult conversations and situations.
  • Planning performance for the future