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Course Overview

Talent management is becoming the key strategic priority and challenge for leaders who are committed to sustained high performance today.  Effectively managing teams and utilizing the skills of team members is critical to business success.  Development of the talent of all team members is of key importance if continuous improvement is to be sustained.  This course will guide participants in identifying the characteristics of a high performing team, analyze team member skills, coach for optimal performance and delegate effectively.


Course Schedule
Target Audience
Professionals from all sectors
Course Prerequisites

Good communication skills

Expected Accomplishments
  • Ability to inspire people to "go the extra mile"
  • Giving feedback that helps team members correct shortcomings and do their very best
  • Ability to create an environment of caring and cooperation
  • Learn to deal with difficult workers and turn problems into pluses
  • Identify key talents of employees and utilize them more effectively
  • Learn to profile team members for optimum performance and motivation
  • Gain effective team leading skills including people and technical
Course Outline
  • Team dynamics and development – creating the effective team and how to sustain it
  • Recruiting team members – spotting the talent at recruitment stage
  • Motivating the team and how to utilize individual and collective talent
  • Competency development and management in the team setting
  • Coaching for competancy developent – the manager as coach
  • Delegating for development
  • Pro-active performance reviews and talent development plans
  • Utilizing feedback sessions for developmental progress
  • Dealing with remedial development of failing situations
  • How team leadership styles affect the effective depolyment of talent – flexibility in personal style management.
  • Managing conflict within the team