Courses Details
Course Overview
Effective Human Resource management is essential to the success of any organization; therefore it is every manager’s responsibility to have a grasp of the skills used in this area.  This course will help Managers understand the roles and responsibilities of Human Resources and how they impact departments within an organization.  Participants will be able to determine the role in working with Human Resources and stylize to suit the needs of all - the important human side of a manager’s role and responsibilities.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Managers, team leaders and supervisors
Course Prerequisites

Basic understanding of HR

Expected Accomplishments
  • Understand the key personal and HR concepts
  • Identify clearly the manager's HR role and responsibilities
  • Learn to better work on relationships with others
  • Learn practical tools for dynamic team development
  • Deal with essential HR issues: from interviewing to terminating contracts
Course Outline
  • Introduction to HR
    • Identifying HR responsibilities
    • Realizing the implications of the employment laws in your organization
    • Identifying the human issues involved
    • Understanding the benefits of an effective HR policy
    • Increase knowledge of key employment laws
    • Learning about the typical types of contract
    • Identifying the legal responsibilities of the employer: discrimination, equal treatment, gender issues, etc.
    • Respecting health and safety regulations
  • Conduct Effective Interviews and Appraisals
    • Defining the job and recruitment criteria
    • Conducting effective interviews
    • Making your decision
    • Using fair and effective appraisal methods
    • Practicing coaching and mentoring
  • Handle Difficult Situations
    • Handling grievances at work
    • Being authoritative when necessary
    • Dealing with poor performance
    • Dealing with remote staff
    • Managing absence effectively
    • Using effective disciplinary procedures
  • Training and Development
    • Assessing training needs
    • Developing a training plan
    • Course development and delivery
    • Evaluating course effectiveness
  • Terminate Employment
    • Identifying the appropriate reasons for terminating employment
    • Dealing with redundancies and redundancy pay
    • Finding the best way to end a contract