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Target Audience
 •  Personnel who want to become data communication engineers
 •  Personnel who want to obtain HCIA-R&S certification


The HCIA Routing and Switching Entry program allows learners to acquire basic knowledge of TCP/IP. It introduces them to VRP, switching technologies and IP services. The program also allows participants to learn about advanced switching technologies, link aggregation, VLAN principles and VLAN routing. 

At the end of the program participants are expected to show deep understanding of WAN technologies, Access Control, Network Management, IPV6 and MPLS/SR basic principle. 

The learning experience includes interactive lectures and hands-on practices to optimize learning outcome and increase acquired knowledge.

Course Objectives
On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

1. Describe the basic principles of data communication and be competent for basic O&M of IP networks.
2. Plan and design IP addresses.
3. Performing Basic VRP Operations.
4. Describe the functions and working principles of the switching equipment.
5. Set up an efficient switching network by configuring switching devices and running the STP/RSTP protocol.
6. Describe the basic principles of routing and routing protocols. Configure OSPF to build an efficient routing network.
7. Configure common services on enterprise networks, such as DHCP, FTP, and Telnet, so that engineer can efficiently use and manage the     network.
8. Configure link aggregation, V LAN to enhance the performance of Layer two networks.
9. Configure HDLC, PPP, PPPoE to implement WAN interconnection.
10.Performing NAT Configuration.
11.Configure ACL, AAA, and IPSec/GRE to provide security solutions for IP networks.
12.Configure SNMP to manage networks in a unified manner.
13.Know about principle of MPLS and Segment Routing.

Course Outline
Days 1,2,3,4,5 :  

HCIA Routing Switching Entry

 • Basic Knowledge of TCP/IP
  - Introduction to Transmission Media
  - Ethernet framing
  - IP addressing
  - ICMP protocol
  - ARP protocol
  - Transport layer protocol
  - Data forwarding Scenario
 • Introduction to the VRP
  - VRP Foundation
  - Navigating the CLI
  - File System Navigation and Management
  - VRP Operating system Image management

 • Introduction to Switching Technologies
  - Establishing a Single Switched Network
  - Spanning Tree Protocol
  - Basic Knowledge of IP Routing
  - IP Static Route
  - Link State Routing with OSPF
 • Introduction to IP Services
  - DHCP Protocol Principles
  - FTP Protocol Principles
  - Telnet Protocol Principles

Days 6,7,8,9,10:  

HCIA Routing Switching Intermediate

 • Advanced switching technologies
  - Link aggregation 
  - VLAN Principle
  - VLAN Routing

 • Introduction to WAN Technologies 
  - Principles and Configuration of HDLC and PPP 
  - Principles and Configuration of PPPoE
  - Introduction to Access Control
  - Network address translatio
  - Access control list
  - AAA
  - Securing Data with IPsec VPN
  - Generic Routing Encapsulation

 • Introduction to Network Management
  -  Simple Network Management Protocol

 • Introduction to IPv6
  -  Introducing IPv6 Networks
  -  IPv6 Routing Technologies
  -  Ipv6 Application Service -- DHCPv6

 • MPLS/SR basic principle
  -  MPLS basic principle 
  - Segment Routing basic principle