Courses Details
Course Schedule
Target Audience
 •  Professionals who wish to learn about IoT
 •  Personnel who are ready to participate in the HCIA-IoT certification exam


The HCIA-IOT training provides an overview and introduction to the IOT technologies, industry, security, and smart homes. It guides learners through the process of Ocean Connect service. It also provides an insight on IoT Operating System Introduction and Development. Learners will also dive into IoT Industrial Gateway and IoT Home Gateway.

The learning experience include lecture and practice to maximize learning outcome.

Course Objectives
After completing the training, participants will be able to:

1. Understand basic IoT knowledge and related solutions.
2. Understand the IoT connection management platform.
3. Have a good command of the knowledge and development of IoT operating systems.
4. Be able to independently configure IoT gateways.

Course Outline
Day One:

- IoT Overview and Solution Introduction
   • IoT Overview
   • Common IoT Communication Technologies
   • Internet of Things (IoT)
   • IoV
   • Energy Industry IoT
   • Smart home IoT
   • IoT security

Day Two:

- IoT Connection Management Platform
   • IoT Connection Management Platform
   • OceanConnect service process

Day Three:

- IoT Operating System Introduction and Development
   • IoT Operating System
   • Huawei LiteOS Infrastructure
   • Introduction to Huawei LiteOS Development

Day Four:

- IoT Gateway Introduction and Configuration
   • Introduction to IoT Industrial Gateway
   • IoT Home Gateway

Day Five:

- NB IoT and eLTE IoT
   • NB IoT Standards and Solutions
   • Introduction to Huawei eLTE IoT Solution