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Target Audience
  •  Participants who want to be Big Data engineers.
  •  Participants who want to acquire the HCIA-Big Data certification.


The HCIA Big Data training is designed to give an in-depth knowledge of the Big Data framework, it introduces learners to the latest trends in big data analytics. It allows learner to dive into FusionInsight HD Technical Principle and Application of Common Big Data Components.

The program provides clear understanding of MapReduce, The Distributed Offline Batch Computing Framework, and Yarn the Resource Negotiator including functions and architecture.

The program also tackles Spark2x the distributed processing engine based on memory, HBase Distributed storage system (NoSQL), Hive Distributed Data Warehouse, Streaming Distributed Stream Computing Engines, Flink Stream and Batch Processing. It also introduces Loader Data Exchange and an overview of Flume Multi ple Logs Collection.

The learning experience includes interactive lectures and hands-on practices to optimize learning outcome and increase acquired knowledge.

Course Objectives
After completing the training, you will be able to:

1. Know the technical principle and architecture of Common Big Data components.
2. Understand front trend of Big Data.
3. Obtain FusionInsight HD Product Training.
4. Understand FusionInsight HD Technical Principle and Application of Common Big Data Components.

Course Outline
Day 1: 

- Front trend of Big Data
 • Time of Big Data
 • Application fields of Big Data
 • Opportunity and challenge for enterprises in the era of big data
 • Huawei Big Data solution

- FusionInsight HD Product Training
 • FusionInsight HD Summary for enterprise edition
 • FusionInsight HD Features Introduction
 • FusionInsight HD Successful Cases 

Days 2,3,4,5: 

FusionInsight HD technical principles and applications of Common Big Data components lecture and practice.
FusionInsight HD Technical Principle and Application of Common Big Data Components

HDFS Distributed File System
  HDFS Overview and Application Scenarios
  The Position of HDFS in FusionInsight HD
  HDFS system architecture
  Introduction to Key features
  FusionInsight HD Client Installation
  HDFS Hands on Lab

- MapReduce The Distributed Offline Batch Computing Framework and Yarn The Resource Negotiator
  Introduction to MapReduce and Yarn
  Functions and Architectures of MapReduce and Yarn
 • Resource Management and Task Scheduling of Yarn
 • Enhanced Features

- Spark2x The distributed processing engine based on memory
  Spark Overview
  Technical principle and Architec ture of Spark
 • Integration of Spark in FusionInsight

- HBase Distributed storage system (NoSQL)
  Introduction to Hbase
  Functions and Architecture of HBase
 • Key Processes of HBase
 • Huawei Enhanced Features of HBase
 • HBase Database Practice Lab

- Hive Distributed Dat a Warehouse
 • Introduction to Hive
  Functions and Architecture of Hive
 • Basic Hive Operations
 • Hive Data Warehouse Hands on Lab

- Streaming Distributed Stream Computing Engines
  Introduction to Streaming
  System Architecture
 • Key Features
 • Introduction to StreamCQL

- Flink Stream and Batch Processin
  Introduction to Flink
  Technical Principle and Architecture of Flink
  Integration of Flink in FusionInsight HD

- Loader Data Exchange
  Introduction to Loader
  Loader Job Management
 • Loader Data Import and Export Lab

- Flume Multi ple Logs Collection
  Flume Overview and Architecture
  Key Characteristics of Flume
  Examples of Flume Applications
  Flume Data Collection Lab
- Kafka Distributed Message Subscription system
  Introduction to Kafka
  Architecture and Functions of Kafka
  Key Kafka Processes
  Kafka Message Subscription Lab

- ZooKeeper Cluster Distributed Coordination Service
  Introduction to ZooKeeper
 • The Position of ZooKeeper in FusionInsight HD
  System Architecture
  Key Features
  Relationship with Other Components

- Hadoop Cluster Comprehensive Experiment
  Loader Hive HBase Big Data Import and Query practice
  Flume HDFS Loader Mysql Hive Hue Stock Exchange Data Collection and Incremental Search practice