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Target Audience
All ICT practitioners who wish to learn about 5G.


This program is designed to help learners understand 5G network and service basics, development, and evolution. It introduces basic concepts as well as the benefits of moving to 5G network. The program identifies 5G application scenarios, standard organization, and progress as well as network architecture and evolution. 

Throughout the program learners will be introduced to 5G network capabilities and key technologies, and service applications. They will also dive into the 5G industry application and solutions including IOV2, smart healthcare solutions, smart grid solutions, smart education solutions, and other typical 5G applications and solutions. 

Course Objectives
The program focuses on the following objectives:

1.  Understanding the concept of 5G and the motivation for 5G development.
2.  Mastering 5G service scenarios and capability requirements.
3.  Understanding 5G protocol standardization and current progress.
4.  Understanding 5G industry chains and ecosystems.
5.  Mastering 5G network architecture and key technologies.
6.  Understanding typical 5G industry applications.
7.  Understanding typical 5G industry application scenarios.
8.  Understanding backgrounds, requirements, and pain points for typical 5G applications.
9.  Mastering E2E solutions of typical 5G industry applications.
10. Understanding typical use cases of industry applications.

Course Outline
Day One : 5G Network and Service Basics – Lecture 1

- 5G basics, development, and evolution
  • Basic concepts
  • Why 5G?
  • 5 G application scenarios
  • 5G standard organization and progress
  • 5G network architecture and evolution
  • 5G bandwidth and global spectrum planning
  • 5G key technical specifications
  • 5G industry chain and ecosystem
  • 5G global commercial use plans

Day Two :  5G Network and Service Basics- Lecture 2

- 5G network capabilities and key technologies
  • 5G network capabilities and architecture
  • 5G key techno logy introduction
  • Comparison between 4G and 5G

- 5G service applications
  • 5G business value and development
  • 5G business applications and cases

Day Three : Typical 5G Industry Application Solutions- Lecture 1
- IoV2 solutions
  • IoV concept and applications
  • Industry trends and progress
  • IoV solutions
  • IoV cases

- Smart Healthcare solutions
  • Challenges and requirements for the medical system
  • Smart Healthcare applications and solutions
  • Smart Healthcare cases

Day Four : Typical 5G Industry Application Solutions- Seminar

- Smart Grid solutions
  • Trends and challenges of Smart Grid development
  • 5G Smart Grid typical service scenarios
  • E2E Smart Grid solutions
  • Smart Grid cases

- Smart Education solutions
  • Typical service scenarios and requirements for Smart Education
  • Smart Education solutions
  • Smart Education application cases

Other typical 5G applications and solutions.

5G industry application planning, development, and solution seminars.