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Employees in all fields.


It’s the era of big data. Every click or button press you do on your computer or phone is logged and recorded. Whether you are searching for a product, liking a page, commenting on a photo or just visiting a website, your phone or your laptop is inserting all these transactions into data tables. But what’s the point of collecting all these data without knowing their meaning? 

For this purpose, analyzing these data is really essential to understand and get better results. In this highly practical course, we will learn how to properly analyze data, generate business reports and present them in an infographic way and be proficient in the data analytic management field.

Course Objectives

The program focuses on the following objectives:

  • Understand the importance of all social media platforms and their positive effect on your business.
  • Understand the proper use of each social media platform and the differences among them.
  • Manage own social media pages to increase sales.
  • Effectively create and manage an advertising campaign on social media.
  • Reach the highest number of impressions using inbound marketing.
  • Know the best times to post on social media.

Course Outline

Day 1:

-       What are the different social media platforms and what is the correct use of each

-       How to create online presence and create your business identity

-       Analyze competitor’s pages and know the trendy strategies that they use

-       How to connect all social media pages together to better manage them

-       How to automatically schedule all posts based on a specific date and time

-       How to create very professional designs as social media posts without the help of graphic designers

-       Learn and analyze what is the best time to post on your social media platforms

-       How to reach the highest number of audiences and earn followers

-       How to create an ad on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

-       How to create a Google Ad

-       Earn the necessary skills to become a social media administrator: how to properly write posts, hashtags, how to reply to customers, how to answer questions properly

-       The best way to create a 15seconds animated video to be posted on social media

-       How to properly add LinkedIn jobs for your company

-       What’s the best way to write a post with several languages

Day 2:

-       What is the best way to go live on social media? How to go live from different cameras?

-       How to create a full plan to study your followers and prepare posts based on these analytics

-       How to add the “Call to Action” button to make it easier for followers to do a certain action

-       Is it necessary to create a blog? What are its pros and cons?

-       How to create a complete ad campaign in addition to SMS, Email and WhatsApp

-       How to evaluate your campaign success?

-       How to add an Auto Reply message on Facebook? How to add Live Chat to my website?

-       What is the best way to create a quiz or a survey without getting a developer

Day 3:

-       Introduction to Mail Chimp: the best online tool for bulk email campaigns

-       How to properly collect emails from social media platforms

-       How to properly send an email campaign with images to thousands of people

-       How to track and manage your email campaign

-       How to convert my Instagram account to an Instagram business page

-       How to properly add your contact details to the Instagram business page

-       How to make my page verified on Instagram

-       How to use Microsoft PowerPoint to make animated GIFS

-       How to use PowerPoint to make animated charts on social media