Courses Details
Course Overview
An introductory course describing digital transformation and maturity, its importance and key drivers.

This interactive training course introduces TM Forum’s perspective on digital maturity and transformation. Using industry best practices and TM Forum models, guidelines and blueprints, our expert trainer(s) will introduce the concepts of being digital, digital maturity and transformation; provide background on what is driving these changes; and introduce some practical guidance on how to plan and execute programs that will help drive your organization’s digital transformation with a focus on achieving improved customer satisfaction, increased revenues and reduced costs.

As every employee needs to be involved in an organization’s digital transformation, anyone who takes this course will gain a much clearer understanding of what digital transformation is, why it is important and how to get the organization’s digital transformation started and / or accelerate its progress.

While senior management often introduces and drives digital maturity and transformation within an organization, the responsibility for implementation often lies with every employee. The success of the transformation relies on their ability to understand, internalize and apply these ideas while clearly understanding what digital maturity and transformation means to their job, their company and their industry. The course explains how to introduce, approach and manage digital transformation by leveraging the TM Forum Digital Maturity Model (DMM) and The GC Index  framework.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
The fundamentals level course is suitable for:
• All staff who are either directly or indirectly involved in delivering a digital transformation effort.
• Anyone involved in a digital transformation implementation project who is unsure of where to start or what to do next.
• An organization’s senior executives and its Board of Directors.
• An organization’s digital transformation team and department heads accountable for delivering the necessary change.
• Managers and other senior personnel who want to measure their digital maturity and implement a digital transformation program across their    organization to achieve improved customer satisfaction and profitability.
• Consultancy or System Integrator (SI) teams working on a client’s transformation project.
Course Prerequisites
An interest in digital transformation
Expected Accomplishments
What will you learn?
• Key concepts of digital maturity & transformation & why they matter.
• Industry history &consumer trends and developments have led us to where we are today.
• The importance of proactive leadership on digital maturity & transformation.
• How to get started on your digital transformation journey.
• An introduction to both TM Forum’s DMM and The GC Index.
• What the 5 DMM dimensions are and why they were chosen.
• Preparing to take the DMM survey.
• Understand the need to define the organization’s As Is state in relation to its digital capability as well as the need to establish a roadmap for    reaching its desired To Be state.
• The importance of planning to properly executing your digital transformation initiatives.
• Setting up for transformation and business success through understanding how individually and collectively you can make a game-changing    impact to your digital journey.

Exclusive to TM Forum training, you will learn about ways to measure digital transformation and maturity using our industry-developed and partner network best practices:
• TM Forum Digital Transformation Tracker
• TM Forum Digital Maturity Model
• The GC Index  Game-Changing Team Methodology
• Linkages to TM Forum Frameworx including the Business Process Framework (eTOM)
Course Outline
Module 1: What is Digital?
Module 2: Digital Transformation and Why it Matters
Module 3: How Did We Get Here?
Module 4: Why Business Needs to be More Proactive
Module 5: Embarking Upon Your Digital Transformation Program
Module 6: Why Digital Maturity Matters
Module 7: Introduction to the TM Forum Digital Maturity Model (DMM) & The GC Index 
Module 8: Preparing for & Taking the DMM Survey
Module 9: Wrap Up and Q&A