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Course Overview
The importance of having the right transformation team and approach to driving your digital transformation.
This interactive training course provides TM Forum’s perspective on how to more effectively approach digital transformation by leveraging the TM Forum Digital Maturity Model (DMM) and The GC Index  framework. The objective is to prepare transformation facilitators who are involved in the implementation of digital transformation programs.

TM Forum’s DMM assessment tool helps answer the most frequently posed questions on the common challenges of improving and transforming organizations digitally for optimal business success. It also provides guidance to find pragmatic solutions to those challenges where answers and direction aren’t readily apparent.

This training course introduces a range of tools and approaches for helping practitioners drive transformation from the perspective of customer centricity and business results. It shows how to gain a clearer understanding of your organization’s current digital capabilities (e.g. its “As Is” state), the importance of those capabilities to your organization and how to define a roadmap of realistic targets for attaining the desired “To Be” digital transformation state.

Our expert trainer(s) will present practical advice on how to plan and execute programs that will help drive your transformation, with a focus on achieving improved customer satisfaction, increased revenues and reduced costs.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
This practitioner level course is suitable for:
  • An organization’s digital transformation team and department heads accountable for delivering the necessary change
  • People who understand the customers of the organization and their needs including customer facing staff, product managers, marketing, sales, CSR, billing, retail, IT, web designers, procurement and commercial contracts people.
  • Managers and other senior personnel who want to measure their digital maturity and implement a digital transformation program across their organization to achieve improved customer satisfaction and profitability.
  • Consultancy or SI teams working on a client’s transformation project.
Course Prerequisites
Digital Maturity & Transformation Fundamentals is recommended, but not required
Expected Accomplishments
What will you learn?
Exclusive to TM Forum training, you will learn about ways to measure digital maturity and transformation team preferences using our industry-developed and partner network best practices:
  • TM Forum Digital Maturity Model
  • The GC Index  Game-Changing Team Methodology
And how to:
  • Navigate the TM Forum DMM and understand its structure and content
  • Get hands-on with the DMM
  • Structure your digital maturity & transformation project within your organization
  • Identify owners and participants for the survey effort
  • Implement the process for undertaking a TM Forum DMM Assessment within your own or client organization
  • Apply the TM Forum’s DMM in your own or client organizations to baseline their current digital capabilities in each of the 5 key dimensions
  • Determine the importance of these capabilities in underpinning the business success of the organization
  • Understand the results, analyse and implement the survey output data
  • Engage with your stakeholders and position your digital transformation program
  • Set an agreed “To Be” future state target for each of the digital capabilities
  • Move from a siloed transformation approach to one which is more holistic
  • Ensure you are setting up for transformation and business success through understanding how individually and collectively you can make a  game-changing impact to your digital journey
  • Explore The GC Index  individual and team findings and derive a tailored impact plan for improvement
  • Create and maintain the digital transformation momentum
  • And finally, how to measure the success of your digital transformation program effort
Course Outline
Module 1: What is Digital Transformation and Why it Matters?
Module 2: Introduction to the TM Forum Digital Maturity Model (DMM)
Module 3: Introduction to The GC Index 
Module 4: Recommended DMM Process (e.g. Preparing to Take the Survey)
Module 5: Taking the Survey (hands-on with the model)
Module 6: Analyzing Your Survey Results
Module 7: Prioritizing & Implementing Your Survey Results
Module 8: Fundamentals of a Game Changing Team
Module 9: Understanding Where You Fit in the Transformation Effort
Module 10: Putting It All Together
Module 11: Running Your Digital Transformation Program & Maintaining the Momentum
Module 12: Wrap Up & Q&A