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Course Overview
Understand how TM Forum’s best practices are used to enable IoT services and create digital business ecosystems.

The way we do business and offer services is transforming, with the delivery of IoT services often involving complex groupings of partners and suppliers. These ecosystems have a lot of moving parts with the complexity of multiple partners, business models and stakeholders bringing challenges and opportunities. It gets complicated very quickly.

Everyone is talking about ecosystems, but how do you pull it all together and figure out what it means for your business? This training course will enable you to understand how ecosystems are changing the fundamentals of the business world and introduces a common language, a way of thinking and a methodology to help you address the challenges and opportunities in this space.

Using industry best practices and TM Forum models and guidelines, you will learn practical key terms and definitions associated with digital business ecosystems, to understand the different types of stakeholders involved and their roles within the ecosystem. This will enable you to recognize the different roles your company could play and how to effectively and efficiently define, design, model and scope digital business ecosystems and business models.

A variety of industry use cases are reviewed to see how the concepts covered are put into practice.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
This course is suitable for:
• Anyone who wants to learn about ecosystems, business or technical. This course is appropriate for most levels of experience.
Course Prerequisites
An interest in delivery of IoT services and business ecosystems
Expected Accomplishments
• Key concepts and elements of a business ecosystem
• Understand the relationship between business ecosystems and business models
• TM Forum’s B2B2X Business scenario blueprint for digital business ecosystem projects
• Use the Business Model Canvas to develop business models, and how other business canvases can be used for platform business models.
• Understand how TM Forum’s Partnering guide is used to define the financial, operational and contractual relationships between ecosystem         stakeholders.
• Learn why the Platform business model is so important for many digital business ecosystems
• How TM Forum’s business ecosystem modelling tool is being used by CSPs, vendors and system integrators to develop new business models    and ecosystems.
•  Exclusive to TM Forum training, you will learn about ways to apply TM Forum’s best practices to accelerate your ecosystem projects:
• TM Forum B2B2X Business Scenario Methodology
• TM Forum Partnering Guide
• TM Forum Business Ecosystem Modelling Tool, CurateFx
Course Outline
Module 1 Exploring the key terms associated with business ecosystems
Module 2 What are the key components of a business ecosystem?
Module 3 Platforms and ecosystems in action
Module 4 What is the TM Forum B2B2X Business Scenario Blueprint?
Module 5 Using the TM Forum Partnering Guide to define relationships between ecosystem stakeholders
Module 6 How the TM Forum business ecosystem modelling tool, CurateFx, is being used to develop new business models and ecosystems.
Module 7 Wrap up and review