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Course Overview
Identifying the key to exceptional customer service is both an active and introspective process.  This course is designed to introduce the seniors to the foundational, operational and leadership-level concepts of customer service and to explore the role of leadership in assuring exceptional service.  Customer service is a strategic choice, and this course addresses the important relationship between customer and provider, helping to determine what customers want and the best way to give it to them.
Course Schedule
Target Audience

Frontline managers

Course Prerequisites
Basic managerial and selling skills
Expected Accomplishments
Develop strategies and tactics to better serve customers 
Design and employ assessments for gathering customer opinions 
Understand customers’ wants and needs and integrate them into desired organizational and operational outcomes 
Develop and implement systems of customer-based outcome measures and related employee recognition systems 
Cultivate a culture that centers on the customer
Course Outline
Advice on customer service needs
Customer driven organizations
Meeting changing conditions
Meeting your market
Achieving 100% 
Teams and customer focus 

Support implementation of customer service strategies 
Reasons for buying
Purchasing choices 
Purchasing behaviour 
Value adding and relationships  
Innovation and value adding
Customer loyalty

Evaluate and report on customer service
Measuring success  
What do you measure it against? 
Formal and informal surveys 
Complaint management  
Customer complaints
The value of your customers
Final sssessment