Courses Details
Course Overview

Finding unique talents in oneself in the wide spectrum of life’s offerings is the springboard to developing potential strengths for success in careers and all walks of life.  Talents and strengths sometimes remain hidden and are not always discovered through normal schooling where one is encouraged to build up weaknesses and real talents that could be true strengths go unnoticed.  In this course participants will unearth their key talents that can turn into new strengths or enhance existing ones with the theory that anyone can work around their ‘weakness’ by playing to their strengths, while enriching their lives in interpersonal and professional relationships.

Course Schedule
Target Audience
Anyone who has a desire to improve their communication skills
Course Prerequisites
Good communication skills
Expected Accomplishments
  • Capitalize on personal strengths and talents
  • See a high margin of growth in the less developed areas of performance
  • Create a niche in existing responsibilities and future opportunities on the job
  • Be more creative and discover inborn talents
  • Help others to capitalize on their strengths at work
  • Be able to handle situations more diplomatically according to strengths 
  • Be more content when find the right niche for own unique  talents
Course Outline
Finding your strengths
Assessing your talents
Analyzing the results - finding your key talents
Putting a system into place to develop unique talents 
Acquiring knowledge & skills to attain desired strengths

Putting into practice
Refining talents with the right skill sets in general  
Putting strengths to work for career enhancement
Determining the right fit for the right job of team members
Appreciating team members’  diverse talents  and getting them to work cohesively

Enhancing people skills
Recognizing others talents & strengths in personal and professional life
Building rapport with similar and different talented people
Balancing life with a wide range of people with diverse talents

The wider scope
Aligning strengths to personal values and code of conduct
Getting back to ethics to strengthen career decisions
Becoming a mentor to others in intra and interpersonal development 

Finding ones passion:
Building strengths into productive desirable behaviors
Working ones personal best at things enjoyed
Mapping out goals according to strengths and talents