Courses Details
Course Overview
An essential part of communication is being able to report on what you observed or researched while putting it into a practical readable format for the targeted audience to understand and act on.  While going back to the core of written communication we take the participants through the report writing process from concept to presentation while keeping in mind the 5 Ws of good business writing.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Anyone who needs to write reports for work. 
Course Prerequisites
Good command of written English
Expected Accomplishments
  • Analyze data and organize facts before the writing process 
  • Write clear concise reports
  • that are easy to understand and act upon 
  • Vary sentences and paragraphs in length and structure for more interesting reading
  • Format sections and white space effectively for better readability   
  • Use headings and sub-headings correctly
  • Choose the right style of report to suit the occasion and include relevant sections
  • Plan and edit own written work
  • Make constructive criticism of reports
Course Outline
  • Choice of vocabulary/business terms
  • Common misuse or incorrect word usage 
  • Eliminating wordiness 
  • Sentence construction & paragraphing
  • Being objective & tone of writing
  • Analyzing & organizing data
  • Checking for the 5 Ws 
  • Report writing types 
  • Formats and inserting graphs & charts
  • Styles, layouts & white space of reports 
  • Basic sections of a variety of short reports 
  • Report writing practice to suit a variety of situations 
  • Written report presentations