Courses Details
Course Overview
In these days of fast and direct electronic communication we sometimes lose the human touch and the true essence of the message we are trying to convey.  Writing for business is truly an art form if the reader is able to understand and act upon what is being communicated.  This course will develop the participant’s business writing skills within the parameters of well researched communication theory.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Anyone who aims to improve their written correspondence skills
Course Prerequisites
A good command of the English language
Expected Accomplishments
  • Draft clear concise professional correspondence
  • Convey desired message while meeting needs of the reader  
  • Avoid common errors and wordiness 
  • Adapt style and format to meet the occasion 
  • Refresh grammar, capitalization, writing points and punctuation
  • Write a variety of emails, memos or letters addressing different issues
  • Get the point across in a positive professional tone
Course Outline
Practicing the Cs of written communication
Capture reader’s interest
Clear, correct
Complete, concise
Convey the right message
Creative formatting
Courteous tone
Conscientious, care
Check, check again

Memos/emails for the occasion
Clear message in subject box
Common openings & closings
Body: the main message
Writing to your audience
Professional courtesy
Workplace memo/email practice

Writing points
Confusing words
Common mistakes
Getting the point across
Avoiding wordiness 
Being tactful  
Staying positive
Editing your work

Language review for clarity
Passive usage
Gender use

Business letters
Letter layout
Business letter styles
Case study business letter practice