Courses Details
Course Overview
Our perception of the world is based on that which we believe we know to be true, therefore it must be true.  Of course the contrary can also be true - our thoughts are influenced on how we perceive the world through our senses and emotions, unique to us.  This personal development and communication course will sharpen leaders’ perception powers and positive thinking approaches.  Challenging how we ‘see the world’ is the basis of this course resulting in life-changing outcomes.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Anyone who has a desire to improve their communication skills.
Course Prerequisites
Good communication skills
Expected Accomplishments
  • Identify key elements needed to heighten perception in business and personal life 
  • Practice self-awareness and sensory acuity techniques  
  • Be able to read others’ learning and thinking styles  
  • Use a variety of verbal & non-verbal techniques to better communicate in business and personal matters
  • Program oneself to be more positive in a variety of situations and learn from past experiences of less positive behavior
  • Build rapport more easily with colleagues and the general public as perception skills develop 
  • Strategize positive thinking steps into decisive outcomes
Course Outline
The power of perception
Unique concept of perception
The proof is in the perception: tricky views
Learning & thinking styles influenced by perceptions
Perceptual inputs & outputs: a difference in personal styles
Analyzing verbal and non-verbal communication for perception cues
Recognizing unique preference styles:          away from & towards
The first 3 seconds make a man: the first impression & others perception

Accentuating the positive:
The power of positive thinking from thought to reality
It’s your life! – the effect of positive or negative thinking
Changing the perception of negative past experience or frightful future events
Replay the scene: NLP technique
Communicating positive or negative messages as a presenter or receiver
Positive & negative messages: little words; big differences
The reciprocity urge – using the boomerang effect to your personal advantage
Strategizing your positive attitude for positive outcomes
Pumping up your perception muscles and invigorating yourself with positive vibes