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Negotiate Success is a customer-focused process that improves a sales force’s ability to reach a win-win outcome with customers. Using a common framework and policy for how an organization negotiates complex sales or contracts with clients ensures money is not left on the table. This program considers negotiations an essential part of every stage of the selling process from beginning to end. The joint-venture approach builds trusting relationships with customers and strengthens the company’s position for future opportunities. Negotiate Success provides a process to recognize and acknowledge both parties’ perspectives to jointly create agreements that satisfy all critical interests.

Course Schedule
Target Audience
Personnel involved in negotiations with customer organizations from field sales to senior leadership
Course Prerequisites
Strategic and Conceptual Selling
Expected Accomplishments
  • Counter manipulative tactics which may be used in complex negotiations and return to a win-win customer interaction.
  • Increase preparation and planning of meetings where items will be negotiated
  • Better identify options and alternatives to satisfy interests of the customer and the selling organization.
  • Practicing a win-win negotiation approach.
  • Collaborating with selling teams to ensure the best possible outcome
Course Outline
Negotiate Success
Negotiation Situation
Interest and Option
Negotiate ICON
Negotiation Success 4D
Evening opportunities

Negotiate Success
Interest and Option
Tell me the Truth
ICON Score card
Melrose Case
Peerless Case
Copper Work sheet

Avoid difficult negotiations damaging relationships.
Identify additional sales opportunities within client organizations by gaining more
knowledge of the customer’s goals
Offer valued solutions without succumbing to discount pressures.
Determine acceptable prices with Customers before the final stages of a sale