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Course Overview

Negotiation is something people do all the time and is not only used for business.  For example, people use it their social lives perhaps for deciding a time to meet, where to go for dinner, etc.  Business negotiation is the process by which typically two or more parties come together to try to create a mutually agreeable contractual decision.  This stimulating course introduces the skills required for taking part in successful negotiations.  It introduces a systematic approach to preparing and conducting negotiations at all levels through analysis of case studies, discussion of real life experience and by taking part in simulations to develop and implement appropriate skills for a professional deal.

Course Schedule
Target Audience
Sales personnel of all levels
Course Prerequisites
Good communications skills
Expected Accomplishments
  • Understand the meaning and importance of negotiation in business
  • Identify underlying interests and formulate arguments
  • Understand the language of negotiation tactics
  • Be familiar with and use different types of negotiation
  • Impact of culture in approaches to negotiation.
  • Draft opening proposals, know own strengths and weaknesses, and effective listening 
  • Rectifying objections and finalizing the deal
Course Outline
What is negotiation?
Skills of good negotiators
Why do we need negotiation skills?
Preparation for a negotiating deal
Logistics of the room and seating
Techniques to keeping ahead from the beginning
Managing the negotiation process
Process expansion technique
Problem solving questioning techniques or probing
Emotional win & material win

Beyond the basics
Innovative and entrepreneurial nature of the cooperative  style of negotiating
Sharing  risk-failure success-prosperity-vision
How other cultures negotiate
Communication Subtleties 
Competitive negotiations
Strategy of concession making
Funny money - negotiating for value rather than price
The subtleties of power
Strategies for testing a firm price or position
Drafting finalizing and signing the agreement

Case studies
The strategy of both-win.... IBM
Techniques  to work in gaining a better deal…DU-Etisalat
Breaking a deadlock……Etisalat-EMTS