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Course Overview
Surprisingly up to 80% of so called ‘problems’ in today’s business world are due to some kind of communication blockage or error.  To effectively tackle this wastage of time and resources people can tap into vast resources not actually learned at school and get to the core of interpersonal communication by learning some essential techniques.  This course delves through building rapport, practicing the reciprocity principle, dealing with different personality types & active listening; together with learning to be assertive to achieve a ‘win-win’ in challenging situations while acting as a role model for others.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Anyone who has a desire to improve their communication skills
Course Prerequisites
Good communication skills
Expected Accomplishments
  • Be more confident when dealing with the public & colleagues
  • Be more proactive and positive
  • Be able to handle challenging situations more diplomatically
  • Be aware of different communication styles and know how to handle them 
  • Practice assertiveness techniques smoothly and successfully
  • Lift up others as well as self but also be able to say ‘no’ when appropriate  
  • Be an assertive role model for others to follow
Course Outline
Effective communication review:
Communication styles
Body language
Voice qualities
The message: the  words we say - four important phrases 
Explaining clearly
Tuning in: active listening 

Characteristics of successful communication
Assertiveness assessment
Becoming more assertive
Accentuating the positive
Disagreeing gracefully
Skillful compromising 

Tools for success:
First impression & personal appearance
Enhancing people skills 
Assertive language models
Brain enhancing techniques to enhance assertiveness 
Secrets to great communication: 
The reciprocity principle 
Communication intelligence
Business etiquette
Rapport building
NLP assertiveness tool